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The reproduction oil lamps on these pages represent clay lamps used by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Jews, Early Christians, Egyptians, Muslims, Syrians, North Africans, Roman-Celts, Roman-Gauls, Roman-Britains and even some early Crusaders!

Most of the these lamps are made using the Roman technique of pressing clay into two piece gypsum moulds. The greenware is trimmed by hand using tools similar to those used by ancient Roman lamp makers. They are fired to an earthenware, like the originals, and when filled with common vegetable oil can be used like ancient oil lamps. Olive oil was most commonly used in antiquity. A wick and instructions are provided.

Many of the lamps here have been molded directly from an original. When possible, photos of the original or a similar one used to make the reproduction are offered for your enlightenment.

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