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The replica ancient oil lamps in this section represent clay lamp styles used in the Late Roman Empire and into the Byzantine and Christian period. These clay lamps are molded directly from original ancient oil lamps or modeled after an original if not cast directly from one.
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Circa 5th Century AD

 The Cyrene is a Late Roman-Early Christian lamp. The original this lamp is modeled after was made in North Africa in the late 5th century AD. It features a Latin fourchee style cross on the nozzle area, and three triangular shapes with dots/circles in the center around the filling hole. These may form a second cross with the first cross making the lower part of it. They may also be symbolic of the Holy Trinity. 
(4" by 2.25") 

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Circa 4th to 5th Century AD

A Roman North African lamp, this copy is molded directly from the original. A geometric motif ornaments the filling area and it has a decorated shoulder.
 Molded directly from an original.
(4.75" by 3") 

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